Postpartum Padsicle Gel

Postpartum Padsicle Gel

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This postpartum padsicle gel from Viva La Vulva is set to absolutely change the game! Their hand blended gel is made from a healing Aloe Vera + Witch Hazel Blend, combined with all natural ingredients to give you that ahhhh feeling.

Have you heard of making your own frozen padsicles? Well this is that, but easier because we have made the mix for you and includes our special healing ingredient that our healing spray is made from!

Making your own padsicles is an easy and useful treatment for postpartum care. Providing instant relief, promoting healing and reducing swelling. Also, you know how aloe vera feels on sunburn, so you can only imagine how relieving it will feel down there!

Scoop a teaspoon of our gel onto a pad and smear it around. Fold the pad in half. Repeat on more pads, this gel makes up to about 20 pads. Place the pads inside another air tight container or ziplock pad to avoid that weird freezer smell (preferably something recyclable). When you are ready to use, allow the pad to thaw a little at room temp before using it on your bare skin.

- Aloe Vera Gel
- Witch hazel
- Hypercal
- Jojoba oil
- Vitamin E
- Lavender oil

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